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Using a low cost “plug and play” wireless device in conjunction with a cell phone app and video cameras, we track driving behavior, detailed vehicle performance, attentiveness and real time driving conditions and events.

This data is combined into a risk assessment score for each driver. Customized in-depth analysis is provided on data for reporting and implementation of safety and loss intervention.

Our detailed real time data capture includes radius of operation, speeding, braking and crash events combined with known predictors of accidents such as vehicle class, time-of-day, day-of-week, magnitude of events, posted speed limits, duration and frequency of events. These parameters are weighted according to the risk they pose. Insurance exposure risks are also tracked for congestion, frequency of short trips, zip code accident rates, as well as weather and traffic conditions.

Data analytics services provide detailed insights into modification of driver behavior and identifying industry exposure trends. These insights form a proactive and objective tool to inform all participants in the commercial insurance environment to modify behavior and respond to loss trends in real time instead of dated, undetailed and subjective historical accounts.

Real time alerts for immediate loss control intervention and custom reports are configured for drivers, managers and insurance providers through in app messaging, email alerts and regularly scheduled timely reporting. We also provide open access to online dashboard to view and download reports,  as well as a feature rich online environment for fleets to manage maintenance, logistics and fuel costs.


why WE DO IT

We care about keeping people safe and productive.

Source uses technology as an integrative and dynamic information flow between underwriters, carriers/reinsurers, claims, loss control and producers/insureds to improve underwriting and claims results as well as increase operational efficiencies for the insured.

Source provides a platform for the commercial auto insurance environment to work together through technology to mitigate losses while creating safer people on a safer planet.

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